Time with children

Do we have enough time for our children?

Many parents complain about the press of daily life and the rushing around that we all seem to do. "Work-life balance" is the catchcry of our times.

There are a few simple ways to ensure we spend enough quantity and quality time with our children.

First is just doing normal everyday 'stuff' together. Unpacking the dishwasher, hanging out the washing, sweeping the patio, cleaning the pool - these are all opportunities we have to spend time with our children.

Little ones love to help and if we give them tasks that are appropriate for their abilities, they will feel competent and enjoy themselves.

Second is talking around the dinner table. This is such an important part of family interaction that it is regularly used in studies to assess the quality of the home environments for young children.

Third is chatting in the car on our way to wherever we are going! Let's not be tempted to always tune out and put on the radio. There are plenty of opportunities to talk to our children in the back seat.