I'm not dead yet...

... but I had a little scare.

It was an adventurous Sunday night. I was perfectly fine up until I woke at 3am feeling quite ill and thinking, "I need to get to the toilet". I made it, but the next thing I knew, my husband was shaking my face, pouring sugared water down my throat and saying, "Are you ok? Can you hear me?"

I had passed out onto the floor and couldn't move and could hardly speak. It felt like I was standing off to the side, wanting to answer and thinking, "I'm fine", but the body just wasn't working.

After 10 or 15 minutes I thought I wouldn't make it back to bed and asked to go to the hospital, so my dear husband called 000 and the ambulance came to collect me.

I spent the next eight hours in hospital on a drip, having my (low) blood pressure taken and was discharged later that morning.

The cause? Unknown really. Probably just a virus says the doctor today. I've slept for the majority of the last two days and I'm feeling steadily a little better, but don't worry Mum, I'm planning to TAKE IT EASY for the next week or so.

In fact, I'm petering out now, so will stop typing....

(Thanks for your good wishes and the offers of help and the delicious quiche dropped around... yum yum. At least I'm hungry.)

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