I think I'm turning into a patronising know-it-all snob. I'm not happy about it but it's really hard to stop doing it. (Perhaps I've always been this way?)

When people start talking about subjects I know a bit about or am enthusiastic about, I feel myself taking over and adding just a little extra bit of information here and there. I bluff over things I don't know and I can feel the ego creeping in.

At a birthday party the other day, my friend had made delicious meatballs with flaxseeds in them. I had seen the recipe already, so I knew what was in them.

"What are the seeds?" her sister asked her. And instead of waiting for my friend to answer, I chimed in "Flaxseeds. Great source of Omega 3 and 6. Very good for the brain. You can get LSA mix in the supermarket which is also really great."

Why? Why can't I just keep my mouth shut and wait to be asked? I just so don't want to be a know-it-all, but it is a temptation which I almost cannot bear.

I'm not sure that this blog is much good in stemming the tide of know-it-all-ism either. Here I've got a forum which is almost unchecked!

The root of it must be a desire to be better than others, which comes out of a lack of love for others and a feeling of inadequacy.

Does anyone else have this problem?