Things I did today

Made plum jam (we have a plum tree).
Ate three strawberries, a cucumber and a yellow baby squash from the 'patch'.
Did the grocery shopping with three children. They were great helpers!
Cleaned out the fridge after seeing that nothing fitted in it when I went to put the groceries away. It was disgusting. (Next is the pantry cupboard???)
Stewed six peaches, rescued from the back of the fridge. Inedible fresh, but fine to cook.
Three loads of washing done from dirty, through to wet, hung out and then folded and put away.
Experimented making banana pancakes for Bright Eyes. He wouldn't eat them, but his sister loved them.*
Went for a swim in the neighbours pool.
Had a hot bath after the swim. (It was freezing).
Therapy with Bright Eyes.
Talked to my children.
Wiped up several litres of water from the kitchen floor. The baby loves to pour and re-pour from pot to kettle. He makes a mess, but he has fun, and it keeps the floor washed.
I feel normal again.

*Whizz a banana, an egg and some almond meal (or substituted flour or carbohydrate). Fry as per pikelets in a buttered pan. Apparently yummy, although I don't like bananas so I didn't partake.