Trivial bits and pieces

1. My friend bought me a donut machine. They make great tasting little gluten free treats. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak some vegies or supplements into the batter without anyone seeing.

2. I'm 35 and I still bite my nails.

3. Dreams. Lately I've been having night-long sagas with quite good stories, and lots of emotional range. Interesting.

4. Bought a book for my mother in law's birthday, but I'm too tempted to read it myself in the non-creased page way before I give it to her. It's called the 19th wife - about polygamy in Utah. I'm so interested in that stuff.

5. Can't stop eating cake.

6. This year is the year of wearing summer skirts rather than cropped pants. Felt like a change.

7. I'm going to really really miss my little girl next year. We've decided it's probably best for her brother (and therefore for us all) if she goes back to school and we focus on his therapy. But I feel so so disappointed about it.

8. I'm daydreaming about getting a huge book contract from Zondervan in the US, selling up, buying an RV for a year and travelling the States promoting it and speaking.

9. The other daydream is moving to the bush, building my own house, getting a horse and working the vegie patch. I like the idea - just not the work involved!

10. Great Bible study on the Body of Christ and how people are necessary for growth. I love that God 'wears us as his clothes' as he dispenses grace.