Missing Nanna

Coming up to Christmas I am thinking about my nanna who died nearly two years ago. I miss going shopping with her. She always had heaps more energy than me, had to look at everything and then paid for lunch!

Here's a little excerpt from a letter written to my pop from a friend after she died. It's an example of the sort of ministry she had, and which I aim to follow.

"I didn't grow up in a Christian family and I think that's one of the reasons Mary specially cared for me she truly was a mother in Christ to me. Every conversation I had with it was a special encouragement and blessing from our Lord. She was always completely interested in me. She always had a smile and an encouraging word, no matter what was going on in her life... Her opinion, her encouragement was so important to me, because I know she knew and loved me and because I knew that she would only say the truth for the glory of God... She made me feel special. She made me feel loved. She pointed me to Christ."