2008 and 2009

Glad I did...
- change my life around to enjoy having the children at home and to pursue a gentler, more present way of being with them.
- investigate healing and prayer and miracles.
- Learn how to knit well, even though it brought me three months of RSI and shoulder pain.

Glad I didn't...
- give up on God when my prayers appeared to be unanswered and unheard.
- give up on finishing my manuscript despite the RSI. Voice-activated technology is amazing, if at times amusing.

Wish I had...
- started leading my bible study earlier in the year. It was such a great boost to me in the last two terms.
- loved my husband, children, mother, father, brothers and friends with more warmth, patience and understanding.
- sent more emails to my brother and his family overseas.

Wish I hadn't...
- eaten so much chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate... are you feeling a theme here?
- not known what to say to people so often. (Sorry - double negatives are a no-no... geddit?)

Hope I will...
- stick to my inspiration to stay away from the chocolate and fit into my clothes again.
- get some books published.
- take my own advice more frequently.
- really focus on RDI therapy for Bright Eyes

Hope I won't...
- suffer because of my own actions.
- cause harm to others
- put my foot in my mouth too often
- lose my keys or wallet.

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