Positions vacant

A friend working overseas in a country which will not be named, but which is in northern eastern Europe, is looking for the right person* to start up an English school.

Here's the ad they're sending out:

Future work/ministry position available – English school manager.

Background – Over the last two years we have been seriously considering the possibility of establishing an English school in our city. An English school will provide opportunities for foreigners to serve in our city. Future employees could opt for either a long or short term period of service. A school would be a useful tool in building relationships and a great witness to locals if we run it well. Furthermore, it could be a stable source of income for believers who often struggle to find good work. Ultimately, we see the school as an excellent support structure for the exciting things going on over here.

There is one crucial element for all this to go ahead, and that is to find a “product champion” (ie. Business/school manager), to lead the school from 2011 on.

This position would be ideally suited to those with small business experience and those with a willingness to train and encourage a small team. We need a foreigner in order to see the project thrive in its formative years.

If we are to start the groundwork for the project now we need to hear from interested applicants before July 2008. (Yes, this is a long lead-in time, but this is the time one would need in order to do language and culture training).

We would be most appreciative if you could pass this on to anybody you think might be suited and interested for this opportunity.

*Mark Wilson - this is you...