Two cool

Two cool things happened today.

1. With great trepidation I rang a publisher about the friendship book manuscript. I was worried that I'd sound like a crazy woman because sometimes I stumble and forget my words when I speak on the phone. However, I sounded relatively coherent, and the editor was warm, encouraging and best of all, interested! I'm sending her a synopsis and a sample chapter. Here's hoping!

2. I visited the local homeschooling get-together and it was great. Loads of children everywhere playing together beautifully and creatively. (The parents were also pretty nice.) There were teenagers learning to make baklava and in their turn teaching younger ones. There was a gorgeous group of eight year old girls who came straight up to my daughter, smiled and offered to play with her. I don't think I've seen such friendly and mature children since my days amongst Missionary Kids in Pakistan. It added fuel to the fire and I have filled out an application to homeschool my daughter. Not posted yet though...