Things I'm...

Better and relaxed! I've worked out too much tea makes me feel ill and tired and lacking in energy. Rats. Tea is my favourite thing ever. I think it's the copper in it. So I'm avoiding avocadoes and mushrooms too. And, in theory, chocolate.

having friends over for lunch and wanting to do it, and enjoying it! A by-product of feeling better above.

my children. Oh they are gorgeous and I adore them.

...Persisting with
Daily therapy with Bright Eyes. I can see the results, so it's not as thankless as it seemed to be last year.

We've enjoyed Evan Almighty, Amazing Grace and Hairspray on video. I still like survivor, even though I already know who the winner of this season is.

A gorgeous compliment from my daughter yesterday. "Mum, you're more fun now."

The book of Mark. Plus stacks of subversive literature about homeschooling, including the most awe-inspiring chapter on religion and education by Gatto. Quotes in the post above.

Am I just a rebel? Since I was 14 I seem to have done and thought things that not too many people around me have done or thought... Am I just looking for the road less travelled out of principle? Is it a habit because I don't want to be ordinary or like other people? I hope not! I hope my motives are pure.