... could be the first day of our new homeschooling venture.

My daughter came home from the end of Term 1 with big plans. "I've got to catch up on my library book reading Mum."

We've got some fun things lined up for the holidays, including a snake show and a glow worm walk, plus a few horse riding sessions and seeing some friends.

When school goes back, she's officially having two weeks 'holiday'. If she's miserable and hates being home and wants to be back at school after that time, I'm pretty sure we'll work it out (she's very expressive and has no qualms telling us what she's thinking) and she can go back to school. If she's still happy, we'll officially unenrol her for a term and see how we all feel by the end.

I'm excited. And this book I ordered on the subject arrived on the doorstep today - good timing!