Favourites - thanks AP

1. My favourite TV shows:
Big Love, Flight of the Conchords

2. My favourite breakfast cereal:
muesli with lots of fruit and nuts

3. My favourite gadget:
The computer. Does that count?

4. My favourite book:
Too many to name. Right now: the Teenage Liberation Handbook.

5. My favourite writing implement:
A fountain pen. Not that I have one.

6. My favourite means of transportation:
roller skates

7. My favourite website:
Probably my own blog. That's egotistical isn't it!

8. My favourite musical artist:
Eric Clapton

9. My favourite pair of shoes:
The brown suede super-heels that my friend Kerri-Ann bought at a garage sale. Thankfully they ended up being too small for her and I got them!

10. My favourite beverage:
half-juice, half-water

11. My favourite meal:
chicken kurai from the 'Cockroach' in Murree or a traditional roast lamb

12. My favourite person at the moment:
All the people who remembered my birthday. makes me realise how bad I am at doing the same for them!

13. My favourite view:
driving down the hill to see Wollongong, or anywhere in the Highlands. Or - absolutely unbeatable - is the view of Lake Saiful Maluk in Kaghan Valley Pakistan. Actually, add to that a bridge across the river in Prague... beautiful.

14. My favourite sport:
roller skating.

15. My favourite word: