Six random facts

I've been tagged to do another meme by Prue (see link to the side). I'm going to disobey the rules and not copy them down here. How naughty! Also - anyone who wants to can do this one themselves. I unofficially tag AP, Jess and MW.

The meme requires six random facts about myself, so here goes.

1. Despite my best intentions, I remain uncommitted to composting.

2. Ditto clearing out the clutter and having "a place for everything and everything in its place."

3. I invent new future careers and business opportunities for myself every time I discover something new. Unfortunately (or perhaps thankfully) I rarely if ever follow through! In the last two years I've wanted to be a pilates instructor, alexander technique teacher, psychologist/counsellor, RDI consultant, online seller of "Not your daughters jeans", blockbuster writer, newspaper columnist...

4. I once declared 14 to be the 'ideal age'. Of course, that was before I was actually 14.

5. No-one ever had my name or my birthday when I was growing up.

6. If I read intense or emotional books or watch intense or emotional movies I become... yes, intense and emotional.