Nine year olds

I try not to post too much about my children on this blog, but I've really been enjoying watching my nine year old interact with her friends over the past few weeks.

They began filming a 'movie' one afternoon, acting out the roles from 'Enchanted' and finding props for sets around the house. It was such fun for them that they decided they wanted to finish it and have spent about the last four Wednesday afternoons at our place doing scenes and having me film them with the video camera.

We're about two thirds of the way through now. My daughter and I have been editing it and learning a lot about the video editor as we go!

I love listening to them organise themselves, practice and then do the filming. I've also heard them start to discuss the characters and their ethics, find holes in the plot and work out where the script falls down. It's been better than sending them to a discussion group at film school!

They've improved in all areas in the weeks they've been doing it, and when they finish they'll have a gorgeous little film to watch together, together with a blooper reel.

And just for fun: here' s a quote from another nine year old. I heard her discussing another little girl with my daughter.

"Yes, I think she's about my 38th best friend."