Obsessive escapism or just having fun?

My brain loves a project and I'm really really really loving building my cubby house right now!
This picture shows my latest achievement. I managed to build a side frame with pointy roofy bits AND put in a window ($5 from the tip). I've got another gorgeous old frosted window for another frame.

People ask me how I have time to do this sort of thing. Honestly, I get kind of obsessed over my projects so I sneak half hours here and there to go down and build. I also tend to make decisions like: hmmm, washing or building? cooking or building? cleaning or building? Building wins right now.

As well, I figure I'm doing this for the children's ultimate enjoyment and play. They will LOVE this cubby house and I hope it will get them outside a lot together.
I'm also modelling learning new skills, trying things out and showing that you can make things and make it good with bits and pieces; everything you get doesn't have to be new from the shop. I hope that my children might one day think, "Mum built things and found ways past the challenges, so I can too."