Morbid wonderings

I was watching Stranger than Fiction the other day in which the main character has a conversation with his friend about what he would do if he knew he only a little more time to live. The character (a boring, staid tax official) said he had always wanted to play the guitar, so he went and bought one and started to play.

It got me thinking about what I would do, so here's my list. The scenario is that I have one year to live. I am not sick or fighting a disease and I don't have unlimited funds.

I would
- first of all, triple my life insurance so my husband and the kids can pay off the unit once I die.
- write my memoirs.
- spend more time talking to my husband.
- spend more time playing with the children.
- make sure every relationship I have is in a good and loving state.
- make a quilt for each of the children.
- get outside and look at the night sky more.
- dance a lot.
- read the Bible a lot and prepare to meet my maker.

(I thought about travel, but there are better places coming in heaven. The same goes for hobbies or experiences, although on further reflection, perhaps I might do some horseback riding. It became clear that the things I find important are relationships with people and God.)

Then it struck me that perhaps these are the things I need to do this year and every year. After all, who knows?

Anyone want to play? What would you do with a year to live?