Thinking. Christmas party game

Here are instructions for the most hilarious game you can play at a Christmas party. You'd probably need more than 10 people for it to be really good. 

Ask everyone to bring a wrapped up gift of about the same value. Place all the presents in a box or under the tree.

Have everyone sit down in a circle and begin the game. 

The first person takes a present from the pile and unwraps it. Easy.

The second person has a choice. She can steal the first person's present, or unwrap a new one. If she 'steals', the first person has to unwrap a new present.

The third person takes his turn. He has a choice of 'stealing' or unwrapping a new one.

As you go around the circle, each person has a choice to 'steal' or unwrap. Presents that are 'stolen' must be given up freely, and if you are 'stolen' from, you have the choice to either 'steal' again or unwrap.

The only rule is that you cannot steal back what was stolen from you in the same go. You must wait for a new round of 'steal'/open.

Adding a couple of 'high value' presents into the mix ramps up the fun a little. We played this with our church group and the wine and the chocolate were the popular items.

Go around the circle until the last person has their turn of stealing or unwrapping.

We had 30 people playing this game and it took about an hour to play, but the time went quickly and no-one was bored.