Natural learning and unschooling

I wanted to write something myself about the unschooling philosophy that I'm following with our children, but it seemed like a big effort. Lots of other people have written about it, so rather than reinvent the wheel, I was going to excerpt bits of other people's articles with links below. However, for some annoying reason, I can't paste into blogger at the moment, so I'll just leave links and titles!

What is unschooling? Is it 'non-schooling? Aren't you just abandoning, or worse, abusing your children? Read here

How do unschooling parents know their children are learning without tests, quizzes, exams or grades? Read here.

Common objections to unschooling, including the big 'S' - the socialisation question. Read here

Is schooling really learning, or is there a difference? Read here