Garage sale

There is waaaay too much stuff in this house. Most of the cupboards are full of things we haven't looked at/played with/gotten out for the two years we've been here. So we have decided to have a garage sale.

This will be my first ever garage sale. So far I have filled seven boxes with toys, books, linen and bits and pieces. I'm sure there will be more. It's a great feeling to pull things out of cupboards and think "I will be free of this soon!"
I am trying not to be sentimental. If I have to ask the question 'Should I keep this?' I think the answer should be no. The only trouble will be hiding the stuff from the little boys who will suddenly remember things they last showed interest in two years ago if they see it again.

In addition, we are selling furniture. We have a cream leather lounge suite which is beautiful and in good condition, but we have realised we don't sit in it because we feel too formal in it. Somehow a fabric cover feels cosier. So we are hitting ebay for a new/second hand fabric one, and are open to offers for our cream leather. The very bad picture at the top of this post shows one of the armchairs - there are two, with a 3-seater lounge. It was probably worth about $2500 when it was new 3 years ago. (And if you have little children, don't dismiss it because it is cream. It cleans up really easily!) As they say on ebay - pick up only, no postage. Hey, I'll even consider selling you our new rug that we bought to go with it...

We are also selling a dark wood TV cabinet with doors that close the TV up when you're not watching, and a computer cupboard with doors - shelf, 2 drawers, pull out keyboard , room for printers, CPU, everything. Also a basic pine king single bed frame and mattress (although we won't charge for the mattress... it's seen its day.
Just let me know if you're interested.