Book recommendation

It's been a while between posts for the reason that most things I've been thinking about are either too personal, too confidential or too controversial to write about. So offered up here is a book recommendation for those of you who like a page-turning thriller.

It's The Killer's Wife by Bill Floyd, and I read it in a day because of the simple reason that I couldn't put it down. The story follows a woman who discovered her husband was a serial killer. She called the police and had him put away, and is now, 7 years later, living quietly under a different name, trying to give her son a normal life. Unfortunately, one victim's father is still angry, and exposes her at the same time as a copycat killer is on the loose and her son is abducted.

It's a good psychological story and Floyd writes the two main characters very well for this genre of book. Being about a serial killer, the book does have some gore, but it's not an ugly read. Apparently it is a debut novel, so I'll be looking out for more Floyd in the future.