Thinking. Country girl

I have officially become a small village girl.

Today when I drove to our former town of residence (population 5000) I felt impressed by its size and scope. So many roads, houses and shops! I felt quite relieved to return home to Kangaroo Valley, with its three (?) residential streets and eight (?) little shops. (There are more, of course, but I am talking about the non-touristy ones).

Last month, AP and I had a day out in Sydney. It was fine until suddenly, mid-afternoon, I started to have a mild sort of panic attack. It was all too much to look at - people, shops, products, signs, words, architecture... We were in a bookshop, which is my favourite kind of shop in the world, and I had to sit still and look at the carpet so I wouldn't have any more stimulation. Very bizarre!

This does not mean I am taking up bootscootin'.