Thinking. How to go op shopping

Here's how I go op shopping.

1. Organise to have at least three hours with no other responsibilities or people around. (It's not that easy...)

2. Study up on Trinny and Susannah's rules for dressing. For me, that means deep v-necks, waisted jackets, bootleg jeans and lots of crossover tops and tailored shirts. No smocks, chinese necklines or baggy waistless blouses. Get to know your colours too.

3. Do the cheapest op shop first, most expensive last.

4. Look at everything quickly. If you've got your rules in your head, you can eliminate things that don't suit you and select potential winners fast.

5. Try everything on.

6. If you're 80% sure it's ok, buy it. Less than that, and a bargain is not a bargain.

7. Have lots of room in the car to bring back your haul.

Oh, I had sooooo much fun today.