Thinking. Silence

Since watching 'The Abbey' with AP I have been pondering the idea of living with more silence. The women in the show found that silence with no distractions helped them really think about God, spend time in prayer and come to terms with their various 'issues'.

AP and I would like to experience a similar type of retreat (although it's a bit impractical to go away for 33 days..) either together or separately, and then maybe take others on one too.

Today we saw a perfect location to hold such a weekend.

I am envisioning a time when people come together without distractions - no technology, busyness, books or even music. Just a lot of quietness, meditation, prayer, Bible reading and possibly some sort of work or creativity - making something. It would be good to have a time when each person could have a session with a mentor where they are listened to without judgment or blame, and then prayed for, and maybe given some spiritual direction.

It's not a cop-out from real life. Rather it is a time to focus on God, set priorities and experience a spiritual rest.

Anyone interested?