Thinking. Sharing and imitation

It's interesting that we are exhorted (big word) to be Christlike in imitation of Christ. In other words, 'monkey see, monkey do'. We learn from watching and go out and imitate what we have seen.

I get a daily parenting email and thought this excerpt was along the same lines as imitating Christ. 

"The way to raise kids who *enjoy* sharing is for you to enjoy sharing with *them*. Frequently offer them bites of your food, for example, and let them know how good you feel when you're sharing.

When your child doesn't feel like sharing something with a sibling or playmate, rather than forcing them
to share (which isn't really sharing), find something that *you* can share joyfully.

As you consistently demonstrate *your* sharing ethic, they will eventually discover the joy of sharing for themselves."

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