Thinking. Rewriting.

I'm doing a couple of rewriting jobs at the moment. First is a story about a boy who wanted to be a real pirate. It's long and complicated and I need to cut it in half to submit to The School Magazine which apparently (gasp!) Pays For Stories.

Related to that is the idea that I could even one day maybe possibly write a screenplay based on the same idea, and even if I don't, the exercise of plotting it out according to the Save the Cat screen play plot rules would be a great thing to do.

The second rewrite is a much bigger job. I am going to revamp my book on friendship, which bombed, except in the eyes of 'pay for it yourself' type publishers. It will be aimed at preteen girlies, in the form of a zine/diary/interactive journal. The information will be presented in shorter, cuter bites. I hope to have a running cartoon strip all the way through and there will be space for girls to write in their own thoughts about friendship and how they're feeling.

Question: are there any illustrators out there who want to collaborate? I can promise nothing - only that we will finish the project and I'll do my darndest to see it get published. If and when that happens, we might one day see some money... 

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