Thinking. I love working...

... and I hate it when I get disturbed.

I have two days of the week where I get six free hours per day in which to sit at my computer to write. If anyone interrupts me or tries to talk to me, I'm quite snippy in reply. I resent having appointments or invitations on those days. I unfairly get cross at children if they're home sick, and I refuse to take breaks. I gobble down my lunch and head back to my desk as quickly as I can.

Right now I'm working on a book based on my autism journal, telling the story of my reactions and actions in the first three years following my son's diagnosis with ASD. I hope to spend another five or six weeks on it and then send it off. After that, I'll be researching the life of my great-grandmother and hopefully starting a novel based on her ups and downs.

I love my work. Too bad no-one wants to pay me for it. Yet.  

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