Thinking. Loving eco-friendly stuff

I was invited out to coffee with two girlfriends this week. It came at a great time. I had spent the morning mostly in tears, due to a difficult morning with my boy at school, and it was a wonderful relief  to go out and get my mind onto something different.

We went to One Wise Owl, an eco-friendly shop out of Nowra, housed in an old timber shed. It was gorgeous. I loved the toys from recycled plastic, the adorable cloth nappies, organic cotton t-shirts, and of course, the stationery table with recycled paper notebooks and pencils made from recycled newspaper.

All very clever, very beautiful, and very peaceful. What is it about 'green' products that seem so much calmer than other things? Surely it's not just all down to marketing? 

O'BON Wildlife Series Coloured Pencils 12 Pack

I want these pencils for Bright Eyes for his birthday and this t-shirt for my own!

Planet Boab Organic Cotton Tee's 

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