Thinking. A different part of the brain

We had a cool Bible study the other night. 

Rather than read the passage through and then sit around and converse and discuss and analyse and tweak and share and explain, we did something a little bit different.

We read the passage through and then sat around a table with a big sheet of paper each and a whole mass of oil pastels in front of us. 

The task was to choose a part of the passage and draw it in some way. 

I was told I was allowed to use words when I protested that I was useless with a pen, but I decided that I would give it a go and see if I could do without the words for once.

Luckily, immediately as I thought that, I could 'see' a picture of one verse in the passage, without even trying too hard. I drew it, as best I could, and then sat back and watched the others do theirs (with a lot more flair, colour and skill...)

We discussed the pictures afterwards, and realised that in the end, we had actually covered the passage pretty well. Plus we got to take home some great visual images to help us remember and understand Colossians 2 for a longer time.

And no, I'm not posting my picture for all to see. There are some things I can do, and others I can't. Drawing, and then having others see it, is one of the things I can't do.