Thinking. Friends and a mother blessing

If there's one thing I wish I could do for every young girl in the world, it is to get rid of the stupid messages about ourselves that we all suck in when we are insecure, spotty teenagers. In my case, it is the belief that other people don't really want to be my friends. They probably just put up with me and act friendly because there aren't any other options. I believed these things for years. 

Finally, however, at the age of nearly 37, I think I am free of such a ridiculous belief. And it was helped along by a gorgeous evening yesterday, planned by Miffy and the KV ladies I have had the privilege of making friends with over the past year since we have lived here.

The evening was a 'mother blessing' - kind of like a baby shower, but more about the mother than the baby. Each lady was invited to bring a flower and took turns putting it into a wreath that was made for my head. As they did, they said beautiful words about what the flowers meant to them, and about their hopes for me and the baby. I was blushing by the end, with so many kind words.

Two friends also read passages from the Bible, including Psalm 139 and Jesus' words about 'not worrying', which I found beautiful and moving. 

After that, they presented me with a bead, each again with a different meaning. I'll have to string them up in some way now as a token of their support and love.

Finally, we ate cake and homemade icecream, and as my diabetes has been so well under control, I even had a small plateful. Delicious.

Thanks and love to everyone who participated. I appreciated you all beyond words. And young girls, don't believe the lies that no-one likes you or you'll never have any friends. Life does pick up after the age of 15!