Thinking. Voice commands.

it's a very unfortunate thing for a writer, but I have the tendency to get RSI -- or repetitive strain injury, which leaves me unable to type or handwrite or even click the mouse without pain.

I've had it after every baby and this month I've had it again.

And it's unbelievably frustrating.

I'm the kind of person who likes to achieve things, to do things and to communicate and when my preferred form of communication is taken away I feel bored, dissatisfied and even depressed.

Of course, there are things I can do about it.  The first thing is to take a break from typing, mousing and writing.  The second is to see a great osteopath.  And the third thing is to dust off my voice recognition software and see if it still remembers my accent.

Yes, I'm using Dragon naturally speaking 9.5 -- soon to be updated to version 11.  It's not too bad.  In fact it's pretty good.  I hope that the next version will allow me to get around the net easily and update my status on face book.  As you can see, this version didn't recognize the word face book so it's obviously pretty old.

I'll take it slow, but I'm happy that I'm back.

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