Get a life, joke makers

I've said it before, I'll say it again. 'Jokes' like this make me mad. It makes women into something equivalent to space aliens and dehumanises us as a group. Once you've become less than a person in someone's mind, it's a whole lot easier for them to insult, abuse and do violence to you.
If you are a man, and you want to understand a particular woman, ask her, with curiosity and gentleness, "What is it that you are doing - and why?" If you want to understand what another woman is doing, ask her the same question. Chances are she'll give you a different answer. Because... get ready for it...
Women are different from each other. They aren't all the same.
*Gasp*. I know. Hard to believe, right?! It's just like men. They are different from each other too!
It's simple. You want to understand someone? You ask them. They answer you. You listen. It's called a dialogue.
Ladies, when we perpetuate this myth that we are complicated, irrational, hard-to-understand creatures, we do injustice to ourselves. It's just like when we stereotype people by race or colour or place of origin. It's never true, and it always hurts someone because it demeans people who are made by God in all sorts of complex and beautiful ways.
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