The Start of It All

Hey, this is Mollie, Cecily's work experience girl and this is my first job that I've been given to do. I'm not entirely sure where to start when comes to writting a blog or what to say. I guess I could tell you little bit about myself:


  • I go to Bomaderry High School,  year 10
  • favourite colours are purple and blue
  • I moved to Australia from England nearly three years ago
  • and as I said before I'm doing work experience with Cecily


Work experience. When my teacher told me I had to do it, my first thought was "this will be exciting and 2 weeks of not going to school what could be better." Then I got a little scared as to what I was going to do. it was a long and unsucessful process of sending e-mails and making phone calls. With a week until all the forms had to be back I somehow managed to get a week with a primary school and a week with my friend Cecily.

The week leading up to my week of work experience with Cecily i heard no end of the huge list of jobs that she had planned for me. I was then thinking what had I let myself in for. I pictured this long piece of paper with line after line of writing.

Now that I'm actually here i've found that the huge list of jobs to do only half an A4 sheet of paper and seems mangable. I'm probably being to optimistic. I'm sure Cecily will be able to find extra things for me do.

At the moment I'm seeing this week as a big adventure into things unknown and look forward to better understanding the world of writing. Lets see if i'm still saying that be the end of my week.




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