The End of It All

This will be my second and last post on Cecily's blog. It is the final day of work experience with my writer friend. Next week I will be across the road at the primary school.

At the end of my first post I said, "I'm seeing this week as a big adventure into things unknown and I look forward to better understanding the world of writing."

There have been good bits and bad bits. I've been able to write everyday, which I love. I hate having to edit all of my writing pieces, all of the time. It's so tedious. It has been a bit of an adventure and I do understand the 'world of writing' better. 

A big challenge for me was the interview I had to do halfway through the week. That was because I'd never done a formal interview before and I didn't know what to say. I'm glad my interviewee was chatty and didn't need too much promting. Another difficulty was trying not to be distracted by Coco. She is a gorgous little kid, and always up to something cute and funny.

Nothing really surprised me. I didn't really go with an attiude that I was going to be surprised. Though it did surprise me when Cecily asked me if I found working with her interesting. My reply was, "Yes."

Then it was her turn to reply, "Really?"

Why wouldn't I find it intersting? I'm learning how to improve my writing.

Being a freelance writer would be great, - being able to write and be at home, as well as not having someone breathing down your neck to get it finished. I think it would be fantastic to be a writer. I might have to learn to love editing or atleast tolerate it.  

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