Pillowcase patchwork the answer to all my problems.

All last week I felt miserable, down and depressed. This morning I woke up feeling peppy, perky and bright.

What made the difference? A cutie-pie little brown and orange pillowcase dress. 

After seeing a dress that Sophie made for her little one, and following the link to the instructions for it last week, I suddenly needed to make one myself. And I particularly need to use the retro 70s curtain fabric I pinched from a lovely lady in our congregation. 

So last night I made it, in less than an hour. It does help to have an overlocker, I have to say. And then I got inspired to look through all my material and find more combinations for cutie-pie dresses. And then I started thinking about a market stall... and... and...

Yes, I know. I always get a little bit overexcited about stuff I do. And I really don't have time to make lots of size two girls dresses, however cute they are, especially because I have to make eight (8!) pairs of John Travolta-esque white boys pants this week for the school musical, so I have to keep myself in check a little bit.

Anyway, once I had the dress finished in my hands, my low, heavy mood flew away and I felt fantastic. 

(Until this morning, when I put it on Coco, and she cried and pawed to take it off. She won't go near it. It feels fine and it fits fine. I can only imagine that she's objecting to the colours.) 

So next time I feel depressed for longer than two days, I will try to remember to get out the machine and whip up something cute and easy for a quick pick-me-up.

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