No more office. Sniff.

Today is a sad day for me. I'm moving out of my office. And yes, I know, in the grand scheme of things, there are lot of things that are sadder in this world, but it's still feels rotten to be moved from a gorgeous room that belongs just to me to a corner of a room that belongs to everyone!

I took over the room about a year ago. We moved the three youngest children all together into the biggest room of the house, and it worked for about 10 months. Over the last two months, however, Bright Eyes has been so angry and aggressive towards his brother and we've had to separate them so often that it seemed it would be better for everyone if they had their own separate rooms.

Now we have the two girls in the big room together, and each boy in a smaller room on his own. And me out of my own room into the lounge room.

I'm being Pollyanna and looking hard for the good things. Here are a few:

- the kids will use the computer in the public part of the house rather than privately in the afternoon. This will be better for me keeping computer usage under control.

- once AP gets his wireless headphones, he'll be able to watch TV and I'll be able to work in the same room at night.

- it's forcing me to declutter. 

On that note, let me say that decluttering my office stuff is painful! I never expected that it would be so hard. It's easy for me to throw other people's stuff out. It's a lot more difficult to go through my own papers and bits and pieces and decide what's ridiculous to have sitting on a shelf for another two years and what's not.

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