I'm allowed to write this because it's my blog and she's my daughter.

For the last two days I've been biting back my intense desire to tell everyone how proud I am of my daughter. The fact is, I'm not particularly patient with people whose loudest and most frequent topic of conversation is the talent or uniqueness of their children and I don't want to join their ranks.

However, today, I have something to say about my 12 year old. 

Yes, she's talented in many areas including music and sport, quite beautiful and reasonably smart. But these are things that she was born with - happily for her. She's going to have an easier life than a lot of other people simply because she's lcuky enough to start out with a lot of advantages.

What I'm truly delighted with is her sense of responsibility, her empathy for others, her kindness and her hard work. Over this last year she's showed a desire to learn, an ability to set goals and work to them, and a genuine humility with other people. She absolutely loves her siblings and she takes care of them, and she is caring and thoughtful with her parents. OK, so she has a little bit to learn still in the areas of picking up her clothes after a shower and making sure the dirty dishes get rinsed, but these things will come.

This week, she was elected one of the two 'Outstanding Leaders of 2011' in her little school. As her name was read out, there was a cheer of absolute joy and excitment from the whole hall. It was a moving moment, and I'm going to get a little thrill every time I look up on the Leaders Board in the assembly room and see her name up there. 

I consider myself very blessed to have her in our family. She's a treasure and a delight and I love her just about as much as anyone could love another person. And quite honestly, I'm looking forward to her teenage years. I think they're going to be fun!

Thank you for indulging me. Now I will hold my tongue and follow social conventions for another six years - until she finishes high school.