Reasons I like you

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I like you because... listen. And it's a real listening. It's not just a waiting until I take a breath so you can get going on a tangent that's all about you. It's an asking of questions that help us both understand what we are talking about. It's an understanding of the meaning behind the words. talk. You share yourself with me. You don't hide behind politeness or karma statements like, "Oh well, it's all good." You have ideas, you can tell stories and you have passions. have plans and purpose. You have something you'd like to do, a dream you'd like to follow, an outcome you'd like to achieve. And even though there are obstacles (because of course there are always some) you're finding your way past them rather than being defeated by them.'re good at stuff. When you're not, you try things and take risks. You ask 'how can I do it?' instead of thinking about 'why I can't do it'.'re kind. You don't try to put other people down, and you don't need to use gossip about someone else as a way to create a connection and a closeness or to make yourself feel better. You don't use 'jokes' or teasing to get one-up on your friends.'re positive. When I come away from your company I feel uplifted. It's harder to whinge when you're around. You see the good in everything and you share it in your words. I want to spend time with you because I feel great when I do. laugh. You make jokes. You don't take stuff, or yourself, too seriously. You can defuse a tense situation and you have a snappy comeback. know what life is about. You think. You pray. You ponder. You read. You're not satisfied with pat answers or pointless religiosity or the nihilism of meaninglessness. You are pursuing and treasuring truth with your whole heart.

and finally... love me. Nothing beats it.