I have some thoughts about teasing. 

Mostly, I don't like it, even though sometimes I do it. 

Sometimes, a gentle ribbing can be funny for both parties. But often, it's a power game, and a way that you can insult, trivialise or belittle someone without actually appearing to do so. Some people tease because they feel in control that way, others tease to attack others. Generally, the only person that thinks it is funny is the one who isn't being teased.

Imagine if you were walking next to a swimming pool with your friend when all of a sudden he or she just suddenly pushed you in, fully clothed. Teasing can be like that pushing. It comes out of nowhere, and everyone around thinks it's hilarious, but you're in the water, coughing and spluttering, not knowing what hit you. It would certainly make you think twice about hanging out at swimming pools with your friend. I know I try to avoid anyone who routinely teases me with jokes that aren't funny.

I don't mind teasing or joking when both parties think it's funny. But if I'm the one who is doing it, I need to make sure that it actually is the case and not take it too far. 

Much better is to use words that are supportive, uplifting and encouraging of the people we're with - all the time. That way, no-one gets hurt.