Things this week.

Things I'm doing...

Spending an hour or so per day on the computer doing design and writing work for my mother's workplace.

Entering Invisible, my story into a competition for unpublished manuscripts.

Trying not to forget all the other bits and pieces I need to do.

Texting my friend in hospital every day. I hope she's better soon.


Things I'm thinking about...

Whether I will have a book launch, and to what end? What am I trying to achieve with it anyway?

How will I know if a particular high school is going to be a good fit for my child?

How can I spend more time with the children without being a cranky mummy?

Am I doing the right thing? (This pretty much covers everything...)


Things I'm feeling...

Mostly hopeful for good changes

Sometimes despondent when things go backwards

Generally calm, except for the nerves when I think about writing competitions and such.


Things I'm enjoying...

Our wonderful ladies' bible study group on a Sunday night. Fun, close and inspiring.

The wait and anticipation with JJ before we find out if she has won a children's writing competition she's been shortlisted in.


Things I'm wishing for...

Time and inclination to go and get my hair cut.

Time and inclination to go and buy a pair of jeans that don't fall down all the time.

Time and inclination to be a better cook. (this one won't happen)

My friend in hospital to get better. Soon.


Things that are baffling me...

Why a friend of a friend who I see fairly regularly at parties is still blanking me out and refusing to speak to me or look at me, even after four years. What is it she doesn't like about me? Can I do anything about this or am I destined to turn up at the same parties 20 years from now and watch her continue to ignore me? 


Things I'm thankful for...

Friends, God, commitment and the promise that God will change us when we ask for help. 

A gorgeous place to live. We've been here two years this week.

Facebook. No really, I am.

The fact that when Coco sleeps, I can get some writing done.