This is the book I've been waiting for...

Unlocking Your Family Patterns: Finding Freedom From a Hurtful Past

No, it's not my own book (although I am waiting for that... soon... soon...) but a new book by my favourite authors on my favourite topic which arrived on my doorstep just this week.

Cloud and Townsend, the authors of the classic Boundaries and possibly my fave book ever How People Grow have collaborated with two others to tackle the intriguing topic of family systems, a topic which grabbed me by the throat the very first time I ever heard of it.

My staple text on family systems (and one I re-read every year) is Edwin Friedman's Generation to Generation which is brilliant, if a little complicated, but I think Cloud and Townsend's Unlocking your Family Patterns may prove to be another annual pilgrimage. So far, so great.