Love to the suffering

A vomiting bug laid me low this week. I had two days of feeling under the weather, a night of feeling like complete and utter death as I chundered into a bucket, and then two days of recovering my dissipated strength.

Because of my sickness, I had to cancel a speaking engagement, put up with a messy house, ignore the children and bite back the grumpy words that kept pouring out of my mouth. Plus I felt guilty because my husband had to shoulder a double duty and juggle child care with full time work.

It reminded me that feeling sick is awful and that health is a privilege and a gift. All I could look forward to was the thought that 'this, too, will pass'. 

So my heart goes out to my friends who are chronically ill. Three of my friends have chronic fatigue. One lives with multiple chemical sensitivity. One friend, and my father live with various levels of chronic pain. Another has depression. One is undergoing treatment for cancer. And I'm sure there are more that I've missed.

Kudos and courage and love to you, the sufferers of illness and sickness. Love, strength and prayers for you every day.