Mum. Muuum. Mum!

Coco is starting to talk. 

I thought it was rather gorgeous when she began to use 'Mum' with real purpose and meaning.

But then I realised that she thinks it means something different from what I think it should mean.

For me, 'Mum' should mean, "Oh, wonderful caregiver, nurturer and sustainer who carried me in your body for nine long months and who showed amazing courage in birthing me, and who then stayed up at night feeding me from your own resources - oh, mum of love, strength and generosity, I love you because you first loved me."

Unfortunately, for Coco, it doesn't mean that.

"Mum. Muuum. Mum!" means. "Get that. I want this. Do the other thing. Fix this. No, not that! THIS! Make this make cool noises. Now. And hurry, before I start crying."

She's learned this from the other kids, I'm sure. Everything they want is preceded by "Muuum!" in strident tones. It's a term for getting attention, for fixing a problem and for making sure their own lives are as good as they can be.

Makes me think. I wonder what "God. Go-od. God!" means...


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