Decluttering and a question

So, here's a philosophical conundrum.

I'm really thinking a lot about decluttering at the moment. Every day I'm trying to one small de-clutter (for example, clearing old papers and artworks off the door of the fridge) and I'm aiming to spend a couple of days in the school holidays really going through the kids stuff and my office.

Recently I sent two whole boxes of fabric off to St Vincent De Paul, cleaned out a box of craft paper and have been decluttering the garden of bits of plastic toys that the children seem to drop as they go. Everywhere I look there seems to be more to declutter and sort out. 

I've also been enjoying reading a few 'decluttering' blogs. But here's the philosophical question. If I post a list of them, is that just another pile of clutter, albeit electronic clutter? More things to do, more things to read, more ways to waste time?

You have been warned. If you want to keep your life simple, feel free to ignore this list. Or perhaps it works the other way. If you want to make your life simpler, you might get a lot out of them.