Making stuff

Oddly enough, it seems to be that I make things in school holidays. Tonight I finished a quilt which I started over a year ago. I have worked on it in fits and starts - mostly in school holidays.

I think the reason is that when the children are all home all day, I feel out of control and a little bit nuts. Actually, it's probably more that when one certain child is home all day, I feel out of control and a little bit nuts. Making something - finishing something - achieving something tangible makes me feel in control, worthwhile and not so crazy.

Something else about making stuff is this: whenever I finish something and put a picture of it up on the website, I get nice comments about it, which of course, makes me feel good. I'm wondering if perhaps I make things so that I can be admired for it. I wonder if I could make things just for myself and forgo the admiration they bring? But then perhaps I just like to share pretty things with my friends? Perhaps it's a bit of both.

I may not post the picture of the quilt I finished. I haven't quite decided. If I do, and if you like it, I'll ask you to keep your comment to yourself, and I'll see how that feels.