Do you love or hate your rellos?

Today I was lucky enough to host lunch for one of my aunties and her two boys and another of my uncles and his wife. They were passing through at the same time, each in different directions, and it seemed like a very good idea to catch up for a meal.

And it was fun. They are good conversationalists with a good sense of humour, and lunch was easy and stress-free. (OK, so I was exhausted afterwards, but it was a 'good' tired, not a bad one.)

Christmas and New Year, and throughout the year, birthdays, christenings and funerals are times for family get-togethers. For some people, these are great. For others, it's a time of immense frustration and even sometimes humiliation.

A US study asked 1,400 people these questions and got these answers:

1. Do you have any immediate or extended family who get together for holiday meals, birthday meals or other family events? 

Yes (76%) No (23%) 

2. How would you describe your family holiday events and get-togethers?

a. enjoyable (32%)

b. sometimes enjoyable, sometimes very difficult (41%)

c. rarely enjoyable, but an obligation I do anyway (27%)

3. Is there someone in your immediate or extended family who gets on your nerves? 

Yes (77%)  No (23%)

4. Have you ever dreaded going to a family holiday event because of a personality clash with one of your relatives? 

Yes (58%)   No (42%)

So it turns out that if you have family conflicts or difficult relatives, you are neither alone, nor in a small percentage of troubled families. And if you have happy times with your rellos, be thankful. 

How do you get on with family get-togethers? How would you answer the questions?