Is ambition a sin?

Yesterday I blogged about the plans I've got for the next decade.

I say 'plans', I say 'hopes', I say 'dreams'. But have you noticed I don't say 'ambitions'?

Rachel Held Evans posted about ambition recently, particularly ambition for Christian women. She argues, and I think it's true, that evangelical culture isn't comfortable with Christians, and especially women, being ambitious. We feel wrong. We feel weird. We feel like we're out of step. It's not godly, it's not feminine, it's not helpful to others.

A couple of times I've mentioned in groups of Christian women my desires - oops, there I go again - I'll just say it out loud - my *ambition* to have books published and to be a *successful* writer. From there the conversation has gone to things like "you need to find your worth in Christ" or "does it matter if you're a 'failure' or 'success' in the world's eyes?"

Each time I've come away feeling (a) guilty and (b) frustrated. I really don't think I'm trying to find my worth in having books published and sold. I really don't think I'm going beyond God's plan by working out publishing schedules and writing plans. 

Most of all, I can't help but think that if I've had an overwhelming desire to write ever since the age of 7, and if I pray about it and acknowledge God in all my ambition, it's not wrong. It shouldn't be suppressed. It's actually probably pretty cool.

Do you have ambitions? Do you express them, or suppress them?