Book review: Journey of Hope

Front CoverI've been absent for a little bit due to the twin dilemmas of having nothing to write about and arms too sore to write anyway. But I'm back and happy to recommend this book, Journey of Hope by J Michael Davey.

I was fortunate to meet Michael this week. He spoke at our church's men's breakfast recently and as he lives pretty close by, we got together this week to talk book publicity and other such interesting topics. We also swapped books and I haven't been able to get my head out of it for the last two days.

Basically it's a story of abuse, neglect, depression and trauma and how God brought him through to a place of hope and healing. I almost couldn't believe that such terrible things had happened to someone in my lifetime, but it did, and it does, and some children live terrible lives.

The abuse in foster care and the childrens' homes was bad enough, but much much worse was the physical and emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of his own mother, who suffered dreadfully from schzophrenia.

Michael survived because of his quick wits and ability to be funny, but as an adult he descended into depression and post traumatic shock for 12 years. 

He's been interviewed on Conversations, my all time favourite radio show, and you can hear it here.

It's a well written book and an important book, and it makes you hug your kids, even when they want your attention when all you want to do is read...