Why a good mentor lifts you higher

It was all excitement at our place last night as we watched Samantha Jade beat two other contestants to take out the crown in the X Factor 2012.

Samantha has been the favourite amongst our children for quite a few weeks, which I found very surprising because usually our nine-year-old son is quite adamantly against cheering for the women on the show. This year was different though. This year he was really cheering for Guy Sebastian.

"Yeah! Guy won!" he said at the end. And I suppose he did.

It's very clear on shows like the X factor that the quality of the mentors and their relationship with their charges largely defines who will win.

Talent and skill can get a person so far, but when someone is mentored in a respectful, enjoyable relationship by someone else who really knows what they are doing, who puts in the work and who cares about the outcome, they can go very far.

Are you mentoring anyone? Is anyone mentoring you?