1000 gifts, numbers 30-39

This week I'm thankful for a number of things related to my work.

30. The fact that I am literate, that I was brought up around books and encouraged to read and that I speak and read English which seems to have an unlimited amount of literature and information in printed form 

31. For neck and shoulder pain which makes me seek out better ways to work and keeps me honest and remembering that I am human.

32. For my friend the osteopath who lives down the road, treats me at a moment's notice, and who came to check my desk situation when she saw the state of my neck.

33. For a new chair and ergonomic furniture, and the money to purchase it with.

34. For a temporary desk and a permanent one, on its way.

35. For a big house and a corner to fit my work space into.

36. A job, and more work than I can actually do.

37. Pens, stationary, paper and designs. I love that stuff!

38. Eyes that work and ears that hear and hands that type and a mouth that can dictate. These are wonderful gifts of communication!

39. The enjoyment and fulfillment I get from writing and expressing myself. What grace! What a gift.