1000 gifts, numbers 40-49

Today I'm grateful for 

40. The purple flowers on the new shrub in our front garden. It's blossoming beautifully.

41. Youth group kids playing frisbee outside my window right now, enjoying a sunny warm evening.

42. My little Coco's chubby legs and cheeky smile.

43. New friends. I visited two ladies from playgroup yesterday.

44. New recipe. My hostess made this amazing and simple pizza based on puff pastry.

45. The Muppets. How cool are they?

46. Blue sky after lots of rain.

47. Teachers who are supportive of my children.

48. The swift, sleek way my big girl cut through the pool at her district swimming carnival.

49. The fact that I have a husband, and that he works from home. Massive win!